About Me

About Me

About Me

Ahmad Reza Rasoulof, born in July 1988, was encouraged by his brothers as a child. He started learning the piano at the age of 9 and after passing the introductory piano course, he continued learning the piano under the supervision of Pedram Nahvizadeh. He studied harmony and counterpoint under the supervision of Dr. Pouria Pakshir and Ali Radman. He went to Tehran and continued to study piano under the supervision of Professor Gagig Babayan. After passing the entrance exam for playing music at the University of Tehran and being accepted for a master's degree in piano playing, he entered the University of Tehran and graduated with a master's degree from Tehran University And now, under Gagig Babayan, he continues to learn the piano. 
Executive records: research and educational performances in different schools of the city and performances in Abnoos, Mahour, Afarinesh schools

Teaching in Music Schools

  • Afarinesh


    Afarinesh Music School From Sunday to Thursday from 1 pm to 9 pm

    07136276406 / 09017565110

My Timeline

  • Master Thesis Project

    Thesis topic: How to replace jazz chords in classical works

    Case study of 3 effects of Chopin escorts

    University of Tehran Center

    Year : 2022
  • Selected Barbad Piano Festival

    Participation in Barbad Piano Festival and selected Barbad Piano Festival in 2020

    Year : 2020
  • Performed in the hall of Bushehr Center

    Performed in the hall of Bushehr Center in February 2020

    Year : 2020
  • Run on Jam Jam Network

    Performed on the Jam Jam irib world network in 2015

    Year : 2015
  • The 7th Fars Province Ensemble Festival

    Performed in the 7th Fars Province Ensemble Festival in Hafez Hall, Shiraz in 2015

    Year : 2015
  • Performance (piano recital)

    Performance (piano recital) in Ehsan Hall in Shiraz in 2013

    Year : 2013
  • Performed with Ilya Choir and Orchestra

    Performance with Ilia Choir and Orchestra in Hafez Hall of Shiraz under the direction of Kourosh Miri in 2006

    Year : 2006

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